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pyrki logoLast time we introduced to you Göteborg BHC that is expanding beach handball knowledge around people with disabilities, this time we stay in the subject of spreading the word about our beloved sport - give a warm welcome to Pyrki Poznań from Poland that is strongly engaged in equal development of indoor and beach handball skills among kids and youth. Check out how it all started and how they manage to combine both types of handball, from the interview with Pyrki's leader - Karolina Peda.

First of all, why do you come back?:) What makes you want to get into the car and go so many kilometers to visit Zagreb once again?

Jarun Cup is a marvelous tournament organized in very good time of the year (and season), when, after the winter, everybody is already "starving" for a bit of beach handball, but the competitions are still quite rare. In Poland, the beginning of May is the time of our two holidays so it's great occasion to start the beach handball season and in the same time to play in appealing and charming city of Zagreb.

Moreover, Jarun Cup is the tournament where you can meet many teams from around the Europe which are playing different beach handball, meaning different style and level. It guarantees to play significant amount of minutes and gives us the opportunity to introduce new players before the season starts for good.

From Poznan to Zagreb, it is quite a few hours of road trip but we love to spend time with each other and since we are not seeing each other on a regular basis we have plenty of topics to talk about :)

Second of all, as we can assume from your (very active, by the way) Facebook fanpage you are very engaged in training children and youth. Tell us few words about your experience in this field. Do kids like such type of handball?

Pyrki Poznan started to be legal entity as of January 2017. This was the moment when I decided that work as a freelancer for my own club would give me great satisfaction, so as of 2017/2018 season Handball Club Pyrki Poznan started to take care of training children and youth (before, we played as Academy of Physical Education in Poznan). Thanks to this change kids have an opportunity to try out beach handball even in winter season - we manage to introduce some elements of beach handball to indoor trainings (by the way, they perfectly shape general fitness and coordination). However, when it starts to be warm enough we go out to play on sand and show the beauty of this sport.

My personal dream is to have as much Pyrski's players in beach handball national team as possible and Poznan to be Polish capital of beach handball.


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