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naturel logoThe 11th edition of Jarun Cup couldn't be held without sponsors, that is why we would like to introduce you and at the same time thank AWT International - a distributor of Naturel products, on long-term support in tournament organization. Below you may find two of the pile of Naturel products you will surely encounter during the tournament :)

zagreb logoWe have something really special for you guys! We asked our old friend Antonio D'Ovidio representing Italian team of CUS Cassino Gaeta, to play a bit and be your tourist guide for 5 minutes :) Below you may find loads of useful information on where to go after the games, where to eat, what to drink and where to have fun in Zagreb (and even around it)! We guarantee Zagreb can really impress you:

Kontesa Nera logoIt’s time to introduce some Croatian teams! Jarun Cup is a tournament with quite significant number of home teams among which there is a Croatian oldest women’s club - WBHC Kontesa Nera. They will start their season with our tournament – who knows, maybe this season will be even better that the previous one :) We took advantage of having short interview with Kontesa's team leader – Sanja Horvat and asked for both 2018 season goals and past achievements.

marcos i hectorNone tournament can be organized without referees - as this is as significant part of the tounament as the teams, we would like to dedicate some space for our this year's officials too. Give a warm welcome to Marcos Pérez Outeda and Héctor Fraile Muñoz who, for the first time, decided to take part in Jarun Cup! :) Take a look how Marcos answered to fundamental question: "why beach handball?" and what does he think about the future of our beloved sport.

stumpfe i dietersCAIPIranhas will not be the only German representatives on Jarun Cup 2018 :) The same as them two referees - Jesper Stumpfe and Bjarne Deiters - decided to visit Jarun Cup for the first time! We were talking with the guys around beginning of the year, so we couldn't resist to ask if Jarun Cup was on their New Year's resolution list - check out what was the answer :)

caipirahnas_logoWe have already introduced to you quite a few teams that are coming back to Zagreb, but this time we have brand new team in our Jarun's family - give a warm welcome to CAIPIranhas from Germany that will participate in senior women category! Check out below why they waited so long with participation in Jarun ;), and how the leader of the team - Elisabeth Sumperl, explained their name:

pyrki logoLast time we introduced to you Göteborg BHC that is expanding beach handball knowledge around people with disabilities, this time we stay in the subject of spreading the word about our beloved sport - give a warm welcome to Pyrki Poznań from Poland that is strongly engaged in equal development of indoor and beach handball skills among kids and youth. Check out how it all started and how they manage to combine both types of handball, from the interview with Pyrki's leader - Karolina Peda.

goteborg bhc niby logoWe don't slow down the pace! It's time to reveal the sensation of this year's Jarun Cup - sit down before you read on :) Göteborg BHC is preparing real Swedish invasion in April! :) They annouced participation in 4 categories: junior boys&girls and senior men&women with 5 teams! Believe us, you really need to read our interview with Göteborg's coach Tony Carlsson - you will get to know how the oldest Swedish beach handball club overcome climate limitations and what does it mean to them "to be open to everyone" (we promise, you'll be positively surprised).

beachqueensIt's high time to switch categories and introduce the team from senior women's participant list! It seems guys from BHV Wasserschloss will not be the only representatives of Switzerland in Zagreb :) Get ready for Beachqueens that are visiting Zagreb for the second time in a row! If you wish to know what they have in common with BHV Wasserschloss, why they're coming back and what are their 2018 goals, feel free to read short interview with their team leader - Giuliana Crippa :)

hei beachhandball logoWe're moving on with presenting Jarun Cup 2018 participants! We stay with previous category - men's seniors but this time we have a puzzle for you - if HEI Beachhandball from Denmark are the same guys that won silver medal last year or not? You'll find the answer in our interview with HEI's team leader Martin Vilstrup :)

bhc wasserschloss logoAnother participant from men's seniors list! This time, it's our old Swiss friend that is visiting us regularly and already feels in Zagreb like at second home. If you wonder what makes BHV Wasserschloss feel they want to go back to Zagreb and what are their expectations this year, below you can find few words from Wasserschloss' coach and active beach handball delegate Marco Bodmer:

beach stars logoOne month left to Jarun Cup! It's high time to start presenting our participants! Let's start with Beach Stars - two times European champions that will try to catch some EBT points in men's senior category. If you ever wondered why these Hungarian guys decided to call themselves "Beach Stars" or you wish to know where they plan to spend their beach handball season, István Bődy, Beach Star's team manager will give you the answers :)

The eleventh edition of the beach handball tournament sets new record. Teams, players and officials  from 13 countries will participate in the first outdoor beach handball tournament in this season. We warmly welcome participants from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Nethelrlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Also, we would like to say that only one senior spot is still free since Russian team Ekaterinodar decided to took part recently. Also, famous Croatian team BHC Sokol reserved its spot few days ago, so we can say that 40 days before the tournament, men senior part is almost full.

In women's part we would like to welcome Swiss team Olympia 2020, that decided to come back this year also. We hope that all teams will enjoy the tournament, achieve great result and have a lot of fun.

Thanks to the all teams and officials for becoming a part of our Summer story.

See you soon.

Early bird registrations for the upcoming tournament Jarun cup 2018 are behind us, and here is the list of senior teams that reserved their spot for our true Summer story ;)

The most teams registered their spot in men category- There are only three spots left so far, and below you may find the list:

Dear beach handball friends,

on behalf of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the Jarun cup, I would like to invite you to the eleventh edition of this beach handball tournament. Each year was better and last year we had 64 teams participated in all compettition categories.

In adition you may find the official invitation for the tournament. Best regards and I hope that we will see you at the end of April. Mladen Paradzik - OC member.

Official invitation you may see HERE

Dear Beach handball friends,  
we are closing to the eleventh edition of Jarun cup, the biggest Croatian beach handball tournament, which will be held from 27th of April until 1st of May 2018. We expect this beach handball tournament to be an extraordinary event, involving teams and official persons from many European nations. 

Numbers from the last year edition of the tournament (64 teams in all categories, 151 played games, around 500 participants from 11 European countries, 50 volunteers helping in the tournament organization) confirmed that Jarun cup beach handball tournament is constantly growing and and our goal is to improve it a little bit more every year.

Thanks to the European beach handball championship, held in Zagreb in 2017., another beach handball court was built, which will enable us to play simultaneously at 4 courts, spreading the beach handball word more efficiently among the children and seniors as well.

Also, we are planning to increase the number of organizational EBT points. Last year we ensured 289 organizational EBT points and this year we expect around 300 EBT points.

Therefore, on behalf of the Organizational board of Jarun cup and Academic beach handball club Zagreb, I would like to invite the participants, i.e. referees, delegates, team officials, technical officials, staff, volunteers to become the part of our Summer story at the end of April.

In the end of this foreword, I hope that you will recognize our efforts to popularize our sport and I hope that we will see you soon, so we could demonstrate the beauty of beach handball to the spectators (on the venue, via internet stream or via national TV transmission), opening the new outdoor EBT (European beach handball tour) season the best way we can. Looking forward to see you soon.

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