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2023-05-01 Jarun Cup 2023 day 5 3611.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

The fifteenth edition of the international handball tournament Jarun Cup, held from April 27 to May 1, is behind us. Organized by the Academic Beach Handball Club and the Zagreb Handball Association, this now traditional tournament gathered a significant number of participants this year, and partners and sponsors made the May Day tournament even bigger with their contribution.

A total of 36 teams in senior categories and 28 teams in younger age groups participated in the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup. Out of 36 teams in the senior category, 22 teams competed in the men's and 14 teams in the women's competition, while the younger age groups competed in five categories - 2006 year (boys), 2008 year (boys and girls), 2010 and year 2012 (boys). The participants of the tournament played 216 games in five days, and they gathered from as many as 17 countries. As part of the Jarun Cup, a national team tournament was held, as a kind of preparatory tournament for the upcoming European Championship in Portugal, which will be held from May 24 to 28. France, Croatia, and Norway took part in the national team tournament.

At the end of the tournament itself, the medal awarding ceremony, led in his own style by Luka Bulic, was also reflected. The prizes for the best teams of younger age groups were awarded by Stjepan Babic, a member of the organizing committee of the tournament and the head coach of the men's junior beach handball team, which became the world champion last year.

The best teams in the boy's category in 2012 and younger are:
1. RK Dubrava
2. MRD Dobova
3. RK Dinamo

The best teams in the boy's category in 2010 are:
1. MRD Dobova
2. RK Dinamo 2
3. RK Dinamo

The best teams in the boy's category in 2008 are:
1. BHC Haren
2. MRD Dobova
3. BHC DK (Slavonski Brod)

The best teams in the girl's category in 2008 are:
1. Furki Sport
2. Sloga Sv. Sunday
3. ZRK Gorica

The best teams in the boy's category in 2006 are:
1. RK Dubrava
2. MRD Dobova
3. RK Rugvica

Sinisa Ostoic, director of the Croatian beach handball teams, presented the awards to the best senior teams in the women's competition.

The best senior women's teams of the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup are:
1. OVB Beach girls
2. Multichem Szentendrei NKE
3. BHC Dubrava

Kazimir Ilijas, secretary of the Zagreb Handball Association, presented awards to the best men's teams in the senior category.

The best senior men's teams of the tournament are:
1. France
2. Squadra Buda
3. Escola de Formacao de Espinho - Os Tigres

In addition to the team awards, awards were also given to the most successful individuals in the tournament. The awards were given to the best six by Matija Sulc, president of AKRP Zagreb and member of the organizing committee of the Jarun Cup 2023.

The best players of the tournament:

LEFT WING: Isabel Barnard (Westsite Amsterdam)
RIGHT WING: Petra Dicak (BHC Dubrava)
PIVOT: Mirna Vuckovic (BHC Dubrava)
MARKER: Krista Mol (Westsite Amsterdam)
DEFENSE PLAYER: Gabriella Landi (OVB Beach Girls)
GOALKEEPER: Agnes Kokai (Multichem Szentendrei NKE)

The best players of the tournament are:

LEFT WING: Julio Sierra (EFE - Os Tigres)
RIGHT WING: Nicolas Desbonet (France)
PIVOT: Barnabas Toth Fekete (Squadra Buda)
MARKER: Attila Apro (Squadra Buda)
DEFENSE PLAYER: Fabjan Vrgoc (White Boys)
GOALKEEPER: Mirko Djonlic (White Boys)

Officials - judges and delegates from nine countries, including Lea Haramina, Vito Primec, Ivica Botincan, Dario Rupcic, Borna Bozikovic, Tea Lackovic, Marton Szedmak, Tamas Toth, Sylvia van Bree, Sander van Geel, Nevena Krajcar, Andrzej Jaworski, Petros Theodosiou, Adam Hill, Matej Oskera, Anna Gawel, Lazar Miskov, Dunja Janton, Antonio D'Ovidio, Boldizsar Lantor Szeczi, Bence Martin Batori, Bence Kovacs, Viktor Balint Barna, Ivana Krpina and Lena Gojavic made it possible for the tournament to be played in parallel on four courts.

In addition to the sport's contribution of the teams, this year's tournament was made possible by numerous partners and sponsors. From the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Zagreb Handball Association, the Croatian Handball Association, the Croatian Olympic Committee, the European Handball Federation, the City of Zagreb, RSC Jarun, through technical partners - Furki sport, Nextbike by Tier, Crafter's, Dodivero Catering, 5Plus d.o.o. and media partners - SPTV, Agatin TV, 24 sata and Almar Media to sponsors and donors - Chemo Profili Zagreb, Handballdirekt, Vestico, Paja's pivnica, Unilever with its brands (Axe, Dove, Rexona), Polleo sport and Kras. Clubbing partners Vintage Industrial Bar and Beach Bar Charlie took care of good entertainment for the participants. Special thanks also go to longtime photographer Pawel Jakubowski and commentators Chris O'Reilly and Luka Bulic, as well as the Jarun Cup volunteers, without whom this tournament could not be held year after year.

2023-04-30 Jarun Cup 2023 day 4 1066.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

Today is time for the final day of 15. edition of the Jarun Cup, and teams are more than ready to find out who is going to take over the throne at Zagreb Lake Jarun. Yesterday, on the fourth day of the tournament the atmosphere was already getting hot since the quarter-finals matches have been played.

On the fourth day of the Jarun Cup, many teams found out their destiny at the tournament and the rest of them are ready to finish the tournament on a high note today when the final matches are being played. The results from yesterday and the schedule for today can be found HERE.

Sand courts of Lake Jarun were crowded with competitors, as well as interested visitors who followed the action on the fourth day. Both visitors and players had a chance to hang out with our mascot owl Zeljko and try some products from our sponsor's Polleo sport, Kras, and Unilever (Dove, AXE, Rexona), or get refreshments with Jana water after the match or Crafter's beer at the end of the day. In between the matches, there was a chance to take Nextbike, promote carbon neutralityand ride it to explore the beauty of Jarun Lake.

If you still haven't visited us, make sure to do it today because it's Labor Day, or follow the action via the live stream or broadcast on SPTV.

2023-04-29 Jarun Cup 2023 day 3 2317.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

The third and sunny day of the Jarun Cup was concluded with group matches in the senior categories and semi-final matches in the YAC categories. Already today, the remaining matches of the group stage and the start of the main round as well as the quarter-final matches await us.

There is no shortage of exciting handball moves, pirouettes, in-flight goals, and other tricks this year at the Jarun Cup. On the third day of the tournament, men's and women's teams in the senior category, as well as younger age groups who played the first semi-final matches at the end of the third day of the tournament, had the opportunity to show their abilities in beach handball.

Live results are available on, and since yesterday the organizers have offered the possibility of following the matches via live stream. However, the option of watching matches live from the stands of the Jarun Cup still seems to be the best option, in order to experience this sport in the best possible light and have the opportunity to meet one of the most successful beach handball teams and players in Croatia, Europe, and beyond.

For more information and interesting facts about the tournament, visit social networks - Facebook and Instagram, you can follow the action via live stream on, while the final day's matches will be available on SPTV.


PHOTO CREDIT: Kolektiff Images

As previously mentioned the live stream of the Jarun Cup 2023 matches is now available. Some of the matches from the tournament will be streamed live and Chris O'Reilly will join from today in a commentator role.

Day 1

Livestream from Court 1 is available HERE.

Livestream from Court 2 is available HERE

Day 2

Livestream from Court 1 is available OVDJE.

Livestream from Court 1 is available OVDJE.

2023-04-27 Jarun Cup 2023 day 1 0532.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

The second day of the Jarun Cup was marked by many matches on several sand courts of Lake Jarun in Zagreb. Men's and women's, senior and YAC teams fought for their place in the finals of the tournament.

Some of the teams had a rest day, and London GD, Beach Handball Tilburg, Dinamit BHC, Chemo profili Zagreb, and Sandy Balls - IRL are just some of the teams that showed their best moves today. You can follow the results of the matches of the 15th edition of the tournament at or live in the stands of this EBT tournament.

Today was marked by the arrival of our interview guest Chris O'Reilly, who started the tournament in a player role. His team Sandy Balls - IRL played two games today, in which they recorded two defeats. However, that did not discourage Chris, who shared with us that he is looking forward to the role of commentator, which he will start tomorrow when the first matches of the tournament will be available to watch via live stream on

For more information and interesting facts about the tournament, follow our social networks, from tomorrow follow the action via live stream, while the matches of the final day will be available on SPTV.


PHOTO CREDIT: Kolektiff Images

It's the first day of the 15th edition of the international beach handball tournament, and before the start of the first match, which is scheduled for 14:00 CEST at Lake Jarun in Zagreb, we bring you a short overview where you can follow all the best actions and attractions from the Jarun Cup 2023.

The broadcast of the matches on two courts will be available via the live stream on

All those interested will be able to watch the final day of the tournament on May 1 via the live stream and on Sports Television (SPTV), which is also the media partner of the tournament.


2023-04-27 Jarun Cup 2023 day 1 0868.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

The first day of the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup is behind us, and many people have gathered to follow the best actions and teams of this attractive sport. In addition to handball on the sand, the first day of the tournament was also marked by a demonstration training of the HandbALL IN project.

At 14:00 CEST, the referee's first whistle marked the start of the friendly match between the teams from Norway and France, and the action continued with the matches of the group stage of the competition. On the first day of the tournament, a total of ten matches were played, one of which was part of the national team tournament. The tournament schedule and results are available here.

In addition, the first day of the Jarun Cup was also marked by the participation of the children of the HandbALL IN project, who continue their successful cooperation for the third year in a row. It is a conceptual project of former handball player and national team member Maida Arslanagic, and its goal is the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities in society and sports activities through handball. In addition to indoor handball, the children of HandbALL IN were given the opportunity to participate in sports activities of handball on the sand, and it is the Jarun Cup that offers them this opportunity. On Thursday, April 27, a demonstration training was held in which the children learned the basics of handball on the sand, and at the same time had a lot of fun, as evidenced by the smiles on their faces after the training.2023-04-27 Jarun Cup 2023 day 1 0175.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

The action on Jarun continues today, so don't miss visiting us on the sandy grounds of Jarun or follow us on our social networks - Facebook and Instagram.

2022-05-01 Jarun Cup 2022 day 4 1697.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

It's one day ahead of the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup 2023, and we can't wait for the action to start. Tomorrow, on 27 April the first match of the 15th edition will throw-off at 14:00 CEST at Zagreb Lake Jarun.

The match schedule and live results of the tournament will be available online here.

In addition, the PDF version of the match schedule is available here.

Follow our website and social media channels for all important news and updates.


PHOTO CREDIT: Kolektiff Images / EHF

Coming from Ireland, not known as a handball country yet handball is almost his whole life. Playing indoor and beach handball, commentating on games, co-hosting a handball podcast…On all of that, add a little bit of flavor of art – you get Chris O’Reilly, the honored guest of our interview. Handball player, sports & media guy, handball commentator, and art director. Mr O’Reilly will join us at Jarun Cup in two different roles – as a beach handball player and for the first time ever as a commentator. What are his expectations, how did he got involved with handball? Find all about it in the interview ahead of the 15th edition of the tournament.


Handball is practically your whole life. You were/are playing handball, You are working in handball. Everything is handball, so tell us why handball? How did You get involved in this sport?

2022-05-01 Jarun Cup 2022 day 4 2143.jpg

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski

There are only three days until the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup, which will be held from 27 April until 1 May on the sand courts of Jarun Lake. On Sunday, 23 April at 21:00 CEST the Group draw was held and 36 senior teams were situated into two groups in the women's category and four groups in the men's category.

The teams were first divided into pots according to the current EBT ranking (based on two previously played tournaments), EBT ranking from the previous year, previous ranking on the Jarun Cup 2022, and remaining teams. According to the EBT instructions foreign teams were equally divided into different groups.

There are two groups (A & B) in the women's category and the groups are the following:

279098085 3137582566505193 8399682064506342680 n

PHOTO CREDIT: Pawel Jakubowski 

How to combine a love for handball and a profession in the field of speech therapy? Maida Arslanagic, a former professional handball player and member of the Croatian national team, and today a successful woman behind the HandbALL IN project - a sports inclusive program for children and youth with developmental disabilities has the answer to the question. The basis of the program is handball, and recently also beach handball. What is the link, how HandbALL IN story began, and what are the plans for the future, Maida told us in a pleasant conversation ahead of the 15th edition of the Jarun Cup, when you will be able to see the HandbALL IN program in action.


This year's collaboration with the Jarun Cup is not the first collaboration of the HandbALL IN with the beach handball project. Last year, you were in Novalja as part of the "Novalja4kids" program, where free beach handball training sessions were held. What is the plan for this year and the Jarun Cup?

I am glad that we are continuing our successful cooperation this year, not only at the Jarun Cup but also through the "Novalja4kids" workshops that will be held this summer.

Where did the idea come from and how did the collaboration with the organizers of the beach handball tournament begin?

1 headline


Dear beach handball friends, 

I am writing to you on behalf of the Organizing committee of the Jarun Cup and would like to invite you to the next edition of our beach handball tournament.

Jarun Cup 2023 will be held from April 27th until May 1st, 2023 at Jarun lake in Zagreb, Croatia. 

You can find the official invitation with more data about the tournament HERE.   
Also, all additional info about the tournament you can find on our official website www.jaruncup.comFacebook page of Jarun Cup or Instagram profile.

You can register the teams online via the official website. The early bird participation fee for seniors is 150 € (until February 25th, 2023), after which the participation fee will be 300 €.

Registrations will be open until April 15th, 2023, 23:59.

For the first time we will organize the tournament for the veterans (35 years or older). The entry fee for this category will be 50 €.

The younger age categories are as follows: 2006 and younger (50 € / team), 2008 and younger (50 €/team), 2010 and younger and (30 €/team), 2012 and younger (30 €/team), 2014 and younger (free participation).

For more information about accommodation, transport, meals, practice, friendly matches, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

I hope that we will see you soon and that you will become a part of our Summer story.

Best regards.
OC Jarun Cup 2023

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